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Major Brawl Erupts At Dababy Concert

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Major Brawl Erupts At Dababy Concert

Major Brawl Erupts At Dababy Concert. DaBaby has seen his fair share of ups and downs recently. Due to purportedly low ticket sales, the North Carolina rapper has made headlines. However, DaBaby’s expanded fanbase was what made him a social media craze over the weekend.

Fans fighting in the audience of the “Suge” rapper’s latest event were seen on camera. During the performance of his 2019 hit song, DaBaby was on stage when a fight broke out between four concertgoers. A man in the audience tried to stop the fights, but it seemed he was powerless to do so.

DaBaby took a quick break from performing when he became aware of the confrontation. Several showgoers utilized social media to give their perspectives on what led the brawlers to exchange punches. One visitor said, “I was there and got it on my narrative.” “It began because people wanted to make a huge mosh Pitt, and it got out of control. As soon as he noticed people fighting, he halted the music.

But I had a blast at this show! Another supporter chimed in, “Shhh, this battle didn’t stop. DaBaby hasn’t commented on the brawl at the show. He did, however, respond to allegations that he had been offering a buy one, get one free discount on his performance tickets. Fans discovered that DaBaby offered two tickets for the price of one on his current Baby On Baby 2 tour.

To allegations that he’s having trouble selling out performances, DaBaby appeared to reply. He uploaded a video of himself playing in front of a sizable audience in Boston. QUIT IT. Inform them of how Boston is shaking, he added in the caption. By uploading another video of a sizable throng to his Instagram stories, Baby persisted in defending his devotion to his fans.

He said, “They assume I lost it.” Boston and I recently behaved foolishly in this b***h. We’ve just been so foolish. They believe I lost it, Boston. Tickets for the Baby On Baby 2 tour are available here.

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