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by Adike Kizito

The lives of people are, without a doubt, the most abundant source of material for all creative disciplines. The billions of lives that have been lived and are being lived today are endlessly diverse and intriguing. This blog examines all forms of biographical and historical writing, sometimes known as “life-writing.”

An online media platform called thecityforbes offers both Nigerians and foreigners exclusive entertainment news and information. The website went live in June 2022. Even though we focus on local news from Nigeria, we also provide updates on international media, such as the best American music lyrics and news, songs that are at the top of the Billboard Chart, and so on.

Ghana and South Africa are two more nations whose updates are frequently seen on the platform because of how well their musical tastes complement those of Nigeria.

Our goal at thecityforbes is to keep fans of music (lyrics) and other forms of entertainment up to date on news and developments in all areas.

You can reach us for questions, requests, and more information.

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TheCityForbes is your home for all round entertainment and biography information. We create an opportunity for entertainers to showcase themselves to the world as well as let the world know how they started from bottom to top.