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Jerry Jones Receives Criticism For Halloween Costume

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Jerry Jones Receives Criticism For Halloween Costume

Jerry Jones Receives Criticism For Halloween Costume. Jerry Jones Receives Criticism For Halloween Costume. One of the NFL’s most contentious owners, Jerry Jones is well recognized for his provocative views. There is no owner more active in the day-to-day operations of his club than Jones, who is known for constantly stating his views.

Jones has occasionally been quite critical of the league’s officials. If you watch the NFL, you are aware of the terrible and, more importantly, inconsistent officiating. This year for Halloween, Jones made an effort to highlight that contradiction.

Jones is seen dressing up as a referee in the picture below, but with a twist. He is carrying a walking stick and wearing some dark glasses. This is obviously intended as a jab at referees, who are said to be blind. This is a long-standing cliche, and many people thought this outfit to be amusing.

Others weren’t as taken by Jones’ attire. For instance, the National Federation of the Blind, according to TMZ, thinks that Jones’ outfit plays on ableist prejudices and is really hurtful to blind people.

In essence, the NFB asserts that Jones implies that all blind individuals lack intelligence. They did show some compassion, pointing out that Jones probably didn’t understand he was encouraging this. In the end, they think Jones is redeemable and that a change in attitude may go a long way.

According to NFB PR Director Chris Danielsen, “He does have blind Cowboys fans.” “They turn up to games wearing headphones or listening to the radio. He might want to give it some thought.

Given that there is no actual public pressure behind this outfit, Jones has not yet responded to this current issue and is unlikely to do so in the future. The NFL, which has made it quite apparent that it opposes any type of criticism of the officials, may be the source of the true pressure.

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