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Dwight Howard’s Message To The Warriors

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Dwight Howard’s Message To The Warriors

Dwight Howard’s Message To The Warriors. Dwight Howard was a force to be reckoned with during the early stages of his career.

Of course, everyone is familiar with how he was able to carry the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals back in 2009. Unfortunately, from there on out, Howard struggled to really find a permanent home in the NBA.

He played with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers before leaving for the Houston Rockets. He then continued to play for different teams before coming back to the Lakers for a championship stint in the bubble. Since that time, Howard has played for the Sixers, and the Lakers yet again.

Now, Howard is no longer in the league, although it is clear that he would like to be. There are numerous teams that could use his services, and he seems keen on playing at least one more season as a way to get the swan song he believes he deserves.

In fact, Howard spoke about this on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe. Howard said that he thinks he would fit particularly well with the likes of the Golden State Warriors. In particular, Howard wants a chance to play with James Wiseman as he wants to be the young player’s mentor.

“Steph, the way he get open with me setting screens, he’s gonna get more wide open,” Howard said. “Klay [Thompson] the same way. Draymond [Green] in the pick-and-roll me and him. Me being able to teach Wiseman defense, how to block shots…

Dwight Howard’s Message To The Warriors. “I would love to play season 19 and go out on top. I would definitely love to do that. That would be amazing, and get a parade like I deserve.”

Getting a farewell tour is reserved for some of the best players of all-time. While Howard was a beast in his error, it remains to be seen how fans would actually respond to him playing his last season. That said, Howard’s fit with the Warriors could definitely be an interesting one.

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