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Osun Mention names of your leaders arrested – APC challenges PDP

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Osun Mention names of your leaders arrested – APC challenges PDP

Osun Mention names of your leaders arrested – APC challenges PDP. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) state branch has been warned by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to refrain from decrying the police as biased.

This is because the PDP in the state of Osun has been asked to provide the names of its leaders who have been detained or threatened by the Nigerian Police.

In response to the PDP claims, the party’s interim chairman issued this warning on Monday in a statement that was signed by Kola Olabisi, the party’s director of media and information.

It stated that the state’s police command has been busy fulfilling its mandate to protect the lives and property of citizens while accusing the Osun PDP of creating falsehoods.

“A discerning mind would not hesitate to ask the state PDP caretaker chairman whether some of the known political hoodlums who have several murder cases hanging over their heads are the leaders of the ruling party that the PDP chairman is referring to as their leaders,” he added.

Any sane person would find it impossible to accept that the beleaguered Governor Adeleke, the PDP chairman, and their allies killed innocent members of the Osun APC in order to rig the recent elections in their favor.

“It is ridiculous that the Osun State PDP and Adeleke are preparing for war with the Inspector-General of Police because he had the courage to pursue people who were fleeing justice in the state,” Adeleke said.

Lawal added that the victory of the PDP in the presidential and national assembly elections in Osun State on February 25, 2023, is still intoxicating the state caretaker chairman to the extent that it is taking on a strange and dangerous dimension while questioning whether it was within the purview of the PDP chairman to teach the police how to do their job.

The party also urged Usman Baba Alkali, the inspector general of police, to dismiss the Osun PDP’s accusations since the police are merely acting in accordance with their constitutional obligations by apprehending offenders and ensuring that justice is served.

“The Osun State PDP managers’ accusations should be disregarded by the Inspector General of Police because they only reflect their own views of what is right and wrong.

In order to question, charge, and guarantee that justice is served, it is the constitutional duty of the police to seize any suspect.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Osun PDP’s interim chairman in Osun, Akindele Adekunle, accused the police of arbitrarily detaining party officials across the state in advance of the March 18, 2023 House of Assembly election. This was according to a story in DAILY POST.

In the statement, Akindele also issued a warning that if the excessive harassment of its members does not cease, it will occupy every police station in the state.

The party ruled out self-help while stating that it is the state’s ruling party and that all of its members are law-abiding citizens. However, it added that if the harassment persisted, it would mobilize and storm all police stations in peaceful protests, resulting in the arrest of all of its members in the state.

Remember that before the general elections in 2023, the Osun PDP and the All Progressives Congress (APC) were at each other’s throats.

Both sides have accused one another of deaths, murder, violence, and damage of campaign signs and billboards.

The state Police Command has also been charged with prejudice and impartiality towards the Osun APC.

Prior to the presidential and national assembly elections, the Osun APC claimed that Patrick Kehinde Longe, the newly appointed commissioner of police, had been sent to help the PDP’s rigging apparatus.

The party further claimed that CSP Adekunle Omoyele, the governor’s chief security officer, was responsible for the alleged extrajudicial executions of party members before to, during, and following the February 25 elections.

After the accusations, rumors circulated that CSP Omoyele had been transferred out of the state, but the spokesman for the Osun Police Command, Yemisi Opalola, refuted the claims.

CSP Omoyele, according to Opalola, was merely reassigned while on duty and would return to Osun once his mission is over.

In addition, Opalola had said that the state’s police command was impartial since it did not promote any political party or candidates in response to the accusations of prejudice from both political parties.

A few weeks before the presidential and National Assembly elections, there were recorded incidences of killings committed along the Ife-Ijesa axis of the state, which brought everything to a climax.

Ajibola Famurewa, the APC candidate for the Osun East Senatorial District, was taken into custody but later freed.

The Osun PDP later achieved a 100% triumph, winning all nine seats in the federal House of Representatives as well as three senatorial seats.

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