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Kaduna PDP women reject governorship election result

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Kaduna PDP women reject governorship election result

Kaduna PDP women reject governorship election result. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) women’s wing in Kaduna State is unhappy with the outcome of the governorship race as reported by the Independent National Election Commission (INEC).

The All Progressives Congress’ (APC) Uba Sani was proclaimed the election’s victor by INEC.

The women carried a number of banners as they protested peacefully in Kaduna on Thursday to voice their unhappiness.

No election rigging, Kaduna State has spoken, Give us who we voted, and Kaduna people elected, INEC picked were some of the signs that were shown.

Speaking to reporters in Kaduna, Aisha Maidana Ibrahim, a former PDP women’s leader for the northwest region, and Maria Dogo, a former member of the House of Assembly for the Chikun constituency and a former commissioner for women’s issues, said, “The people of Kaduna State came out on Saturday, March 18, to cast a large number of votes for Isa Ashiru, the PDP gubernatorial candidate. Everyone was surprised by the outcome and questioned why INEC should modify it to favor the APC candidate.

Ibrahim said that a number of results were diminished in the majority of local government areas and accused INEC of stealing the mandate of the people of Kaduna State and delivering it to the APC.

She clarified that INEC must deal with Nigerians in a free, fair, and objective manner in order to grant them the results of their votes.

In order to prevent any issue, Maria Dogo says that INEC should use the server to obtain the exact election results from each voting station.

“That is unworthy of INEC, and we will use every legal option at our disposal to restore our mandate,” she said. Nigerians are sick of being stuck in the last 200 years and can no longer continue to deprive us of our options.

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