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2023 Nobody should annoy me, cast your vote – Falz

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2023 Nobody should annoy me, cast your vote – Falz

2023 Nobody should annoy me, cast your vote – Falz. Falz, a musician and activist from Nigeria, has urged young people to vote in the presidential election on Saturday.

In a video posted on his Instagram page on Sunday, Falz urged Nigerians not to use any justifications for not casting their ballots.

He asserts that it is now time for the kids to make decisions about their future.

“Oya election don come oooo, here is my PVC; I’m sure you have yours and are prepared to cast your ballot,” he remarked. What’s the purpose of voting if my vote won’t be counted, I don’t want to hear any of that nonsense.

It’s 2023; after everything we’re going through, if there are still people saying that, I honestly have no idea what is wrong with them. My God, don’t make me angry.

Falz, who encouraged Nigerians to vote against terrible leadership, pointed out that the Labour Party movement has quickly developed into a potent third force.

He continued, “Forget about all those pessimists, all those cynics who are coming to you, all those irresponsible individuals who seem to enjoy suffering and want to maintain the status quo, forget about those people and simply concentrate on the objective.

He continued by saying that by 2023, it was intended for the populace to have made the decision to elect their own rulers.

The Peoples Democratic Party, the Labor Party, the New Nigerian Peoples Party, and the All Progressives Congress, which is currently in power, are the primary candidates for Saturday’s presidential election.

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