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Nigerians don’t like outspoken women – Actress Moet Abebe

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Nigerians don’t like outspoken women – Actress Moet Abebe

Nollywood actress and media personality Moet Abebe recently made a statement about the reception of outspoken women, particularly among internet users, suggesting a disfavor towards assertive female voices, especially in Nigeria.

Abebe, known for her outspokenness and co-hosting the Bahd And Boujee Podcast with reality star Tolani Baj, highlighted the backlash she’s faced for expressing her views during an interview on Cool FM Nigeria with former reality star Tacha.

In her remarks, Abebe noted, “The internet, especially in Nigeria, doesn’t seem to appreciate outspoken women. When a woman confidently voices her opinions, preferences, or desires, there’s often a negative reaction from online spaces.”

Tacha, the host, echoed her sentiment, affirming the challenges faced by assertive women in garnering support or acceptance within online communities.

Abebe’s observations shed light on societal attitudes towards outspokenness and assertiveness among women, emphasizing the need for broader acceptance and support for diverse voices in the digital sphere.

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