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Tems under attack for view-blocking outfit at Oscars

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Tems under attack for view-blocking outfit at Oscars

Tems under attack for view-blocking outfit at Oscars. Temilade Openiyi, also known by her stage as Tems, is a renowned singer from Nigeria who has drawn criticism for her Oscars attire.

Tems, who was nominated for the “Lift Me Up” single from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, sported a fluffy white gown that encircled her head.

Several spectators seated behind her at the Academy Awards on Sunday night were unable to see because of her ornate attire.

Several fans commented on Tems’ view-blocking attire on social media, while others claimed she stole the show.

These are some comments obtained by DAILY POST:

@boluxxx: Tems’ attire was lovely.

Tems is just stunning. Tems is my leading lady and everything. It was rude of Tems to obstruct people’s views with her attire. As long as they aren’t using offensive language, calling it out is not racist. More honesty is required of people.

The following are the results of the survey.

Tems looked stunning in Lever Couture, but the garment was poorly planned since it blocked the view of the stage for those seated behind the singer, according to @pdiatiasmag.

@t3niola: I want this ‘inconsiderate’ story to end! TEMS is not the first person to appear at one of these award events with a large headgear.

“You shouldn’t start expecting’sensible’ fits when Temilade comes on since these concerts are recognized for art that prioritizes form above function.”

ay in the industry. Duding the ding. Duding the numbers. Duding the numbers! Duding the numbers! Duding the numbers! Duding the numbers!? slum dwellers in the rear

Imagine waiting your entire life to attend the Oscars and finding yourself seated behind a stratus cloud, tweeted @jarrettBellini.

And the Oscar for the Most Absurd Dress Worn by a SELFISH, RUDE DIVA goes to #TEMS for obstructing people’s views, according to @Archivist1000.

@missboo i: “In my opinion, Tems should have had a better seat. She just erred in that one area. She ought to have been seated close to the song’s “singer,”

“Y’all shouldn’t forget, that night was Tems night, not the audiences night,” tweeted @victoreajabukwa. She was a nominee for an Oscar. Let her to wear anything she likes. As if Lady Gaga hadn’t dressed worse. They’re criticizing her for her clothing instead than congratulating Nigerian on being our first Oscar nominee.

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