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Nigerian born music manager stabbed to death in UK

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Nigerian born music manager stabbed to death in UK

Nigerian born music manager stabbed to death in UK. A London court heard that a music manager who was of Nigerian descent was killed by stabbing after celebrating his birthday with a fashionable watch valued up to £300,000.

Emmanuel Odunlami, 32, was allegedly attacked by three thieves on May 1, 2022, in the City of London after leaving the Haz restaurant close to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

They claim that Kavindu Hettiarachchi, a security guard, told them that Odunlami was sporting a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, estimated to be worth between £90,000 and £300,000 if authentic.

Hettiarachchi was a crucial element of the security team that Playhxuse, the event’s organizer, engaged for the exclusive ticketed brunch and afterparty with DJ, according to prosecutor Duncan Atkinson KC.

He had a responsibility to ensure the security of attendees at the event, including Odunlami. In reality, the court was informed, he did the exact opposite.

The victim, who was known to his friends by the name Jay, had travelled to the city on the day of his murder in his gray Mercedes hatchback to celebrate his birthday with pals after having bought tickets for a £1,400 table.

According to Dailymail, Hettiarachchi was seen recording the area outside the venue as the celebration drew to a close about 11 p.m. and making a call to Louis Vandrose.

The court was informed that Quincy Ffrench afterwards drove Vandrose and Jordell Menzies in a white Mercedes from north west London with changed license plates.

“The evidence establishes that Vandrose, Menzies, and Ffrench were heading off in a car with a disguised registration to carry out a robbery, and their goal was at the Haz restaurant where Hettiarachchi was working, and to which he had summoned them by phone,” the prosecutor stated.

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