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I don’t believe in God – Seun Kuti

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I don’t believe in God – Seun Kuti

Renowned Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, disclosed in a recent interview with Hiptv that he does not adhere to the belief in God.

During the interview on Friday, Seun expressed his disbelief in the concept of a divine entity responsible for creating the world.

“I don’t believe in God. The idea of a supreme being watching and judging us after death isn’t something I subscribe to,” he stated candidly.

Challenging conventional beliefs, he questioned the notion of a creator responsible for the world’s existence. “I don’t buy into the belief that someone is behind this creation. If there is, should we really credit them?” he questioned.

Highlighting the world’s stark realities, Seun pondered, “With 80 percent of humanity suffering from hunger, are we supposed to consider ourselves as their most prized creation? There’s something out there, but not in the manner depicted in common belief systems.”

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