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Femi Adebayo’s Father, ‘Oga Bello’ speaks on battling Hypertension

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Femi Adebayo’s Father, ‘Oga Bello’ speaks on battling Hypertension

Adebayo Salami, a prominent Nollywood actor and film producer, has candidly discussed his ongoing battle with hypertension in an exclusive interview with the Nigerian Tribune.

This veteran actor disclosed that he has been contending with hypertension for nearly four decades.

Acknowledging the challenges that often accompany the aging process in terms of health, particularly hypertension, Oga Bello expressed his acceptance of this reality.

However, he also expressed his desire for divine intervention to ensure his continued well-being.

Despite his health concerns, Oga Bello emphasized that he remains actively engaged in the creation and participation in films, with plans to continue doing so in the future.

Regarding his health condition, he revealed that he has been grappling with hypertension since the age of 28. He stated, “At this stage of life, I am still able to produce and act in movies. It’s a fact that as you age, health issues may surface. I have been dealing with hypertension for over 40 years, and I have learned to live with it. I give thanks to God that I am still alive and in good health. I will continue to pray for God’s grace to enjoy the rest of my life in good health and happiness.”

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