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Chef Dammy says she will embark on an official 150-hour cook-a-thon

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Chef Dammy says she will embark on an official 150-hour cook-a-thon

Chef Dammy, also known as Adedamilola Adeparusi, from Ekiti, garnered attention last week after cooking for an impressive 120 hours under the auspices of Spirit Global Missions.

The marathon cooking session sparked controversies and discussions on social media, prompting Chef Dammy to address the matter and announce her intention to embark on another cooking marathon.

Among the comments on social media was the suggestion that Chef Dammy should have registered with Guinness World Records (GWR), which she reportedly did not do.

However, a spokesperson for Dammy stated that she had indeed applied to GWR. Nevertheless, GWR clarified that they did not receive her application, while Chef Dammy herself admitted that she engaged in the marathon for fun and not for the purpose of setting a Guinness World Record.

With the completion of her 120-hour marathon, many are curious about what Chef Dammy has planned next. She took to social media to shed light on her future endeavors. Here are some excerpts from her statement:

“I know the question that has been surrounding the mind of many people online and offline is what is next for Chef Dammy after the 120 hours of cook-a-thon? What will become of Chef Dammy after the whole world has known her and she has been put in the spotlight?…”

“People have also been asking if I will go ahead and open a restaurant because of how viral the name has gone and sincerely, it is something I’d like to venture into. But before that, many factors must come into play. I have to discuss with my team and calculate the logistics involved in doing something like that…”

“Finally, I know there have been many speculations about me not registering this just concluded so I have my team have decided to embark on this new challenge next month.”

“I, Adeparusi Damilola popularly known as Chef Dammy and my team have decided to hold another Cookathon program next month. This time, it will be held for 150 hours and it will be duly registered with Guinness World Records.”

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