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5 simple things to do if you are feeling sad or anxious

by Victorious
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5 simple things to do if you are feeling sad or anxious

5 simple things to do if you are feeling sad or anxious. There are many reasons you could feel sad, anxious or depressed. Perhaps you are a student who believes your life is trapped as a result of the ASUU strike, you have relationship problems, you work at a job you don’t enjoy, your boss is toxic, you don’t know what to do with your life, a loved one is ill, or you’re broke.

People have been feeling more depressed than usual recently due to the political and economic stress this nation is currently through.

What are some straightforward actions that can be taken?

Discuss it with someone

The first step to feeling better is to express your feelings to someone who cares about you. We might start to feel like the burden is lifted and someone understands how we feel when we have support and empathy.
If they don’t understand, don’t get upset with them; sometimes you can only talk yourself out of a bad situation.

Take action in this regard

In our ideas, rather than in fact, we suffer more. What can I do to improve my circumstances, then? Do I begin my job search? Do I pick up any new skills? Should my girlfriend and I split up? Do I return home? We feel increasingly less helpless and more optimistic when we use our brain to find a solution. This is first of the 5 simple things to do if you are feeling sad or anxious.

Take a tranquilizer

Not a real medication, simply unwind. Take nothing in life too seriously. Never is it that deep. Take things as they come, and remember that horrible things can happen.
Many storms could be weathered if you adopted a stoic or tranquil mindset. By taking deep breaths in and out, you can relax. Do something that will make you joyful right now, pay attention to the present, and savor it.

It could involve cleaning, going for a walk, listening to music, dancing, or watching a movie. Keep in mind that emotions come and go; you won’t always feel nervous, depressed, or sad.

Eat First

Are you hungry or depressed? When you’re hungry, it can be difficult to identify the issue; thus, eat something before coming up with answers.

Consider it later

Although sleep is incredibly restorative, oversleeping is a sign of sadness, therefore it cannot be the answer to every issue. Sometimes you can find the answer when you are rested if you sleep on it.

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