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Why we hated our father – Uche Edochie

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Why we hated our father – Uche Edochie

Why we hated our father – Uche Edochie. Tuesday marks the 76th birthday of seasoned Nollywood actor and producer Pete Edochie, and one of his sons, Uche Edochie, has explained why they hated their father as children.

In a message honoring his father’s birthday anniversary on his verified Instagram profile, Uche remarked that his siblings misunderstoodly detested their father’s harsh and tough lifestyle, which he said was intended to enrich their lives.

It’s strange because we felt the exact opposite way while we were growing up, Uche remarked, describing his father as a stern guy who made sure his kids succeeded. Back then, we despised our dads because they wouldn’t allow us to imperil our professions and lives in the sake of having fun.

“We used to think that they were the issue, but as we grew older, we realized that we were the issue and that we needed to have our butts kicked. I appreciate you, dad, kicking my ass when you had to. I’m grateful I was raised by a reliable parent like you when I was a child in the 1970s and 1980s.

“My dad, who is 76 today, deserves a very good birthday. I appreciate everything, Pops. The ideal father is someone like you. I really hope you have a fantastic day. I cherish you.

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