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‘Maverick’ is a notice for Kizz Daniel to switch it up

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‘You all have started again’ – Kizz Daniel reacts to report of his arrest in Ivory Coast

In 2022, Kizz Daniel achieved consecutive hits with ‘Buga’ and ‘Cough’, despite some criticism for their simplistic writing and lack of musical complexity.

These tracks resonated with listeners who appreciate easily enjoyable music, and Kizz Daniel’s success allowed him to brush off criticism about the depth of his music. This disregard for criticism is evident in his latest album, ‘Maverick’.

While his previous project, ‘Barnabas’, showcased his hitmaking prowess with memorable tracks and an Afropop concept, ‘Maverick’ disappointingly sticks to his recent formula of unvarnished stylism. The album lacks artistic depth, variety, and excitement, resulting in a monotonous experience throughout its 53-minute runtime.

Kizz Daniel’s talent lies in expressing his thoughts through catchy one-liners that turn songs into hits, but he seems hesitant to explore new ways of delivering his ideas. He maintains the same melodies and delivery while using conservative production that doesn’t elevate the records.

Even when featured artists like Pryma and Johny Drille try to inject some excitement into the project, they are limited by Kizz Daniel’s monotony. The lack of creativity is evident in collaborations as well, where the partnerships fail to elevate the overall experience.

While there are moments in the album where Kizz Daniel attempts something different, such as ‘Red & Green’, ‘Feran You Two’, ‘One Dollar’, and ‘Pour’, the majority of the tracks lack the reinvention needed to keep the audience engaged.

In a shorter album, the unvarnished stylism might have been tolerable, but across 20 tracks, ‘Maverick’ becomes a tedious listen that doesn’t do justice to Kizz Daniel’s talent. As an artist who has previously delivered memorable projects, it is disappointing to see him stick to a formula that no longer excites listeners.

In conclusion, while Kizz Daniel’s ability to create easily digestible music is commendable, ‘Maverick’ suffers from a lack of innovation and reinvention. The album fails to capitalize on the artist’s potential and leaves the audience wanting more from such a talented musician.

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