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B-Red narrates how Burna Boy chased after Davido’s car the first day they met

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B-Red narrates how Burna Boy chased after Davido's car the first day they met

In a recent interview, Nigerian Afrobeats artist B-Red shared an interesting anecdote about the first time he and Davido met Burna Boy in Port Harcourt. B-Red, who is Davido’s cousin and the son of Osun State Governor, Mr. Ademola Adeleke, revealed that Burna Boy was actually running after their car during their initial encounter.

According to B-Red, he and Davido were in Port Harcourt when they first came across Burna Boy. To their surprise, Burna Boy was chasing after their car, while Davido was expressing his admiration for their music. This incident highlights the early stages of their relationship and suggests Burna Boy’s eagerness to connect with fellow artists in the industry.

During the interview at Echo Room, B-Red also discussed his personal journey into the music industry. He shared details about his early struggles in Atlanta, where he and his brother, Shina Rambo, worked hard to make a name for themselves. B-Red mentioned that he was the one who encouraged Davido to pursue singing, and once Davido achieved success, B-Red started hyping for him. This gradually led to B-Red’s own recognition and the start of his music career.

Davido’s recent statement in a French publication, referring to Burna Boy as a “new cat,” caused quite a stir on Nigerian Twitter. In the interview, Davido asserted that he and Wizkid were the first Nigerian artists to achieve international fame, but he also recognized a new generation of talent that is taking Afrobeats to a global audience. Davido listed Rema, Fireboy, Mayorkun, and Asake as examples of these “new cats,” including Burna Boy in the mix as well.

This classification by Davido sparked a debate on social media, with some agreeing that Burna Boy’s breakthrough came with his 2018 hit “YE,” while others argued that his earlier success with the 2012 single “Like To Party” should not be overlooked. The reaction to Davido’s statement reflects the ongoing discussions and diverse opinions within the Nigerian music industry regarding Burna Boy’s status as a rising star or an established artist.

Overall, B-Red’s recollection of Burna Boy chasing after their car highlights the initial connection between these artists, while Davido’s classification of Burna Boy as a “new cat” adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Burna Boy’s rise to prominence.

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