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Top 50 Battle Rappers List Provokes Fierce Discussions

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Top 50 Battle Rappers List Provokes Fierce Discussions

Top 50 Battle Rappers List Provokes Fierce Discussions. When it comes to Hip-Hop culture, there is no shortage of pride among its members. This is further magnified in the battle rap scene which thrives on its artists continuously trying to prove their dominance over each other.

The battle rap industry has been growing in recent years. From basement bickering sessions to sold-out underground stadiums, there is more money in these lyrical cage fights than ever before.

This was largely done through the interconnectedness that the internet provides. While YouTube was the first video-sharing platform to truly take off, other competitors such as Caffeine and Twitch have further supported the rap battle enterprise.

SMACK Ultimate Rap League and GrindTimeNow are just two of the many highly respected leagues that host entire competitions.

The winners often walk away with prize money that can rise as high as $100,000. With engagement this high, fans and rappers alike take their industry very seriously.

Therefore, when BET released a “The 50 Greatest Battle Rappers of All Time” list on Tuesday, controversy was all but guaranteed. It didn’t take long after the article was published for debates to begin and fans and artists alike had plenty to say.

Hip-Hop culture journalist Justin Hunte wrote and compiled the Top 50 list, stating he used various sets of criteria to analyze and order artists.

Criteria such as the number of battles, the strength of opponents, overall skill set, total views, longevity, and overall impact were weighed. Other more abstract factors, such as charisma and performance, were also included in Hunte’s decision-making process.

Top 50 Battle Rappers List Provokes Fierce Discussions. Regardless of how carefully he made his choices, plenty of diehard fans disagreed and weren’t afraid to let him know.

Aside from the onslaught of angry Instagram trolls, St. Louis icon Aye Verb hosted a Twitter space where the culture’s most notorious names could civilly contribute their opinions regarding the controversial list. Hunte himself joined the discussion, where he answered questions regarding his decisions.

While no “Top #” list will ever have a 100 percent approval rating, “The Company Man” seems to have done a fair job of acknowledging many of the battle rap industry’s most influential figures.

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