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Tia Mowry Reveals Reasons Behind Her Divorce

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Tia Mowry Reveals Reasons Behind Her Divorce

Tia Mowry is open and honest about her split with Cory Hardrict. Early this year, the actress and her estranged husband called it quits on their 14-year union. Tia spoke about her public divorce on the Today Show on Wednesday. The 44-year-old actress asserts that she was aware of when to give up.

“I became aware of it when I began to prioritize my happiness. Women, in my opinion, often prioritize others’ well-being and happiness by checking in on our friends, family, and children, but at the end of the day, it’s all about loving yourself.

Tia gave guidance to women through comparable changes. “There’s this awakening when you start to actually work on yourself, love yourself, and understand your value and worth. And it’s challenging. Even though the path has been challenging, I believe it has been well worth it in the end.

Tia gave therapy and her family the credit for helping her get through the trying period. “I had that ‘ah ha’ moment’ when I put all of that together.” The star of “Sister, Sister” claims that becoming married taught her a lot. “I view it as sort of a curriculum. You’re creating, learning, developing, growing, and changing, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with Cory on certain projects.

Even though she and Hardrict were divorced, Tia said she still thinks their union was successful. It doesn’t matter how long you remain in a situation; success is guaranteed no matter what. Again, the question is: Are you content? Because life is really short,” wrote Cory and Tia in their heartfelt separation announcements last month. Tia said, “I am thankful for all the fun times we had together. We are grateful for everyone’s love and support as we begin this new phase of our lives.

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