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Singer And Actor Rotimi And His Fiancée Vanessa Mdee Are Having Another Baby

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Singer And Actor Rotimi And His Fiancée Vanessa Mdee Are Having Another Baby

Singer And Actor Rotimi And His Fiancée Vanessa Mdee Are Having Another Baby. The gender of the baby was verified by the couple in an Instagram post with the announcement.

Vanessa and Rotimi are both wearing all white to their event in the video clip.

Rotimi carefully lifts the umbrella he is holding over Vanessa and confetti spills out.

They are expecting a daughter because of the pink and white confetti.

“Baby #2!!! It’s a female! With heart emoticons in pink and white, Rotimi stated in an Instagram caption. Vanessa stated, “Baby No. 2,” in her post. HONOR TO GOD It’s a female.

Rotimi’s brand-new song, “Make You Say,” with Ghanaian producer Nektunez, is playing in both postings.

Rotimi and Vanessa are expecting their second child together, as was already mentioned. In September 2021, they welcomed their son into the world.

Rotimi described how he felt the moment his baby was born in an interview with BET.

I experienced enormous excitement and an indescribable quantity of love—the type that is difficult to describe. Every problem, anxiety, or uncertainty I had in the world simply disappeared, he claimed.

“We’re learning this whole new thing that demands us to rely on each other that’s making us even better friends,” said the engaged couple.

He also disclosed how becoming a father has altered his life.

“As I gained perspective on life, it made things easier. Every man wants to act honorably, provide for his family, and make wise choices, said Rotmi.

And right now, it seems like you just must. Everything is grounded by it. Right now, it goes beyond just being about me. I think about him and the future in all I do.

Returning to “Make You Say,” FrontRo Music Group/EMPIRE distributed the song on October 28.

It is the follow-up to his July song “Throwback,” which also features Jnr Choi and Blackway.

All or Nothing, Rotimi’s debut album, was released on August 27, 2021. All or Nothing, his follow-up, was released on October 1, 2021. (Deluxe).

His song “I Do,” which peaked at number 10 on the Adult R&B Airplay list published by Billboard in June, is featured on both editions.

Kenny Hamilton, Rotimi’s manager, expressed his joy at the artist’s accomplishment—his first top 10 track on that chart—on Instagram.

This just serves to demonstrate that good music always cuts through the haze! @rotimi Top 10 Urban R&B and still moving up,” stated Hamilton.

The Recording Industry Association of America awarded gold certification to “Love Riddim,” a track by Rotimi, in August (RIAA). Since its 2019 release, it has sold more than 500,000 equivalent units.

I’ve received two plaques in less than a year! In a caption on Instagram, Rotimi stated, “My God is a great God.

“From juggling two professions and hearing it was impossible, to today busting down boundaries and doing it INDEPENDENT!! This is a strong, overpowering emotion. I appreciate you all allowing me to spread happiness with this song.

The EP Walk With Me by Rotimi contains the song “Love Riddim.” Rotimi said of the song, “I wanted to create a sound that was unusual. “Something that was me, but also evoked the sounds of some of my favorite musicians, like Craig David. You can’t help but dance and drink to the upbeat music.

He said of Walk We Me: “This project is my darling. It’s entirely me. I made an effort to be as true to myself as I could, staying true to my origins and taking everyone along for the ride of where my life is at. I’m thrilled to share this part of me with the world.

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