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Questions Why Balenciaga Isn’t “Canceled” Like Kanye And Kyrie

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Questions Why Balenciaga Isn’t “Canceled” Like Kanye And Kyrie

Questions Why Balenciaga Isn’t “Canceled” Like Kanye And Kyrie. Although Balenciaga has expressed regret for their most recent ad, the public still holds them accountable. The iconic design industry has come under scrutiny as the most recent Kanye West argument unfolds. Contrarily, Balenciaga faced criticism after pictures from a now-deleted advertisement spread online.

It appears to be harmless enough in the photographs where multiple kids are clutching or posing with teddy bears. The toys, however, are decked up in BDSM and bondage attire. Additionally, other advertisements have kids almost standing on beds. One image reportedly showed court papers from an instance of sexual child abuse.

The corporation apologized once the advertisement gained popularity. They assert that they are adamantly opposed to child abuse “in any form,” and they have threatened legal action.

We deeply regret any offence our Christmas marketing may have caused. In this advertisement, children should not have been seen holding our plush bear backpacks. The advertising was promptly taken off from all platforms.

Balenciaga also stated: “We take this issue extremely seriously and are pursuing legal action against the persons accountable for building the set and including unauthorized products for our Spring 23 advertising shooting.”

The public is still intolerant. The names of Kyrie Irving and Kanye West have come up in discussions on social media. People wonder why Balenciaga gets away with things when both guys have seen an assault of bans or unsuccessful transactions.

Additionally, it appears like Balenciaga is avoiding the controversy. Following Elon Musk’s takeover, the corporation already left Twitter. On Instagram, they have also deleted their profile. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped detractors from posting nasty comments on social media sites about Balenciaga, who is charged with encouraging child sexual assault and grooming.

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