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Nigerians express concerns as prank stars go extreme

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Nigerians express concerns as prank stars go extreme

Nigerians express concerns as prank stars go extreme In Nigeria, pranksters are actively vying for control of the skit mating market. Many Nigerians, meanwhile, are already concerned about the severe information they are dispensing.

An act of mischief or a practical joke done on someone that typically results in the victim feeling embarrassed, perplexed, confused, or uncomfortable is referred to as a prank.

Today, it is a typical element of the Nigerian skit-making scene.

For example: There are a ton of prank films by people like MC Makopolo, Machigold, Zfancy, Alice Marve, and others.

Despite how amusing these prank movies appear to be, there appears to be a real threat. The mystery is whether Nigerians would risk potential harm to laugh aloud.

DAILY POST combed the streets in search of information.

According to Stephanie David, several of these practical jokes are offensive and overdone. The majority of these pranks are carried out despite the potential risk to the lives of those being played. I once watched a video of a woman who, while cooking, nearly caught on fire out of terror when a prankster blasted a loud pipe. This is an illustration of a practical joke gone awry.

Dapo Ibiowotisi responded, “Actually, I’m someone who never once loved pranks since they used to put lives in risk. When my colleague decided to play a practical joke on someone two months ago, it might have resulted in a fatality except for God’s intervention. To anybody they wish to prank, pranksters need to add what I’ll call visibility and entire health insurance.

Temitope Babalola added, “The prank producers need to show restraint in the manner they go about it. As much as they are producing material for financial gain.

“The way they do it appears frightening and dangerous, and society should not tolerate this. I want the appropriate authorities to take action by publicly warning pranksters and going further to establish a standard for them.

Poloum David: “Some jokes terrify and risk people’s lives; it’s wrong on many levels, please; people already have a lot going on; jokers should honestly not make it worse. Truth be said, pranks may occasionally be amusing and lovely. However, it’s generally frightful. Certain levels of tricks and surprises are not appropriate for persons who have high blood pressure or certain medical conditions.

In order to gain a legal perspective on the situation, DAILY POST spoke with a lawyer named Dr. Sam Amadi. He claimed that people’s increasing desire to consume entertainment to the utmost extent is what’s to blame for the extreme level of pranks. He also said that the industry of skit making has been fueled by this addiction to extreme entertainment to the point where it has actually put other people in danger.

He stated that there are crimes for public disruption and that police can arrest and charge material producers even if there is no actual harm or loss of life.

“In order to bring charges against them for criminal carelessness, criminal assault, and life threats. If your acts are highly irresponsible and negligent, it does not matter that you are playing a joke or just having fun.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re making a skit or not. What matters is that you may be held accountable if your acts amount to a threat or cause harm, he said.

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