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Natalia Bryant Granted Protection From Stalker

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Natalia Bryant Granted Protection From Stalker

Natalia Bryant Granted Protection From Stalker. The 19-year-old daughter of Kobe Bryant is named Natalia. She has been helping to carry on her father’s legacy while attending USC. She has unfortunately had to deal with some very crazy individuals who have greatly impacted her quality of life.

Only yesterday, we told you about the collaboration between Natalia and the police in order to request a restraining order against Dwayne Kemp. Natalia had apparently received some unsettling texts from Kemp. Bryant points out that he was acting as like they were in a relationship although she doesn’t even know him. He also disclosed to her his desire to have a Kobe-like child with her.

Kemp has been detained four times in the past, so the police are already already familiar with him. He has been accused of having a gun and has even been found guilty of earlier offenses. He’s really in the process of purchasing a gun, which alarmed Natalia Bryant and the police.

Kemp has shown up to USC, where he attempted to locate Bryant in class, which only serves to make matters worse. Bryant is experiencing severe mental turmoil as a result of this unstable individual’s behavior. Thankfully, the court has approved a temporary restraining order, according to TMZ.

According to this new restraining order, Kemp must stay at least 200 yards away from Natalia, her home, car, school, sorority house, and even her work. Of course, Bryant may now relax a little after this major victory.

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