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Lebron James Discusses Illness That Kept Him In Bed

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Lebron James Discusses Illness That Kept Him In Bed

Lebron James Discusses Illness That Kept Him In Bed. Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers overcame the New Orleans Pelicans in overtime to earn another another victory. LeBron James. If you had been following the game, you would be aware that Matt Ryan’s heroics in getting a buzzer-beater to force OT allowed for this victory.

LeBron yesterday did not appear to be himself, which is unfortunate. Even though he scored a cool and collected 20 points, the Lakers superstar seemed off. His basketball IQ wasn’t at its typical level, and he was making some poor mistakes in the last minutes.

It turns out that LeBron had been suffering from an unidentified ailment all week and was merely playing through it. In actuality, LeBron intended to return home and sleep right after the game. No matter how he may be feeling, it just goes to show how committed LeBron is to the game.

LeBron admitted that it was the first day since Sunday night that he had left his bed. “Missing out on the Halloween celebration with all my men on Monday wounded me deeply… Tom Brady has been listed as injured for something like 20 years running. He simply plays somehow.

James and the Lakers have already won two straight games. These are their first two victories of the year, and you can’t help but think that this group has at last discovered how to triumph. Being victorious over the Pelicans and Nuggets should give you more confidence going ahead.

Early in the season, the Lakers faced some difficulties, but they are now proving to the world that they are resilient. They could be able to have a big run in the upcoming months if LeBron is healthy.

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