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Kanye West Supports Kyrie Irving On Twitter Comeback

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Kanye West Supports Kyrie Irving On Twitter Comeback

Kanye West Supports Kyrie Irving On Twitter Comeback. As he began a rigorous media tour a few weeks ago, Kanye West was the center of attention. Kanye made multiple anti-Semitic remarks on this tour, which got him into a lot of trouble. There were several demands for cancellation from his supporters, who were not happy.

Ye has become a little quieter lately. Ye hasn’t said much lately, although occasionally posting on social media, since people may not be interested in hearing from him right now. Having said that, Ye made a comeback on Twitter last night and chose to support Kyrie Irving.

For those who may not be aware, Kyrie is under fire for allegedly being anti-Semitic after posting a link to a dubious documentary. After being criticized for his post, Kyrie refused to retract it; however, he has subsequently removed the tweet and made a $500K donation to anti-hate organizations.

Kanye may not have gotten the notice because only eight hours prior, he still chose to upload a photo of Kyrie clutching a basketball. Since the image doesn’t have any accompanying text, it’s unclear what Kanye is actually attempting to express. He obviously supports the Brooklyn Nets star in either case.

It’s also vital to remember that Kanye recently commented on Instagram regarding Kyrie. Ye really included a caption to this image, saying “there’s some real ones still here.” Ye also gave Stephen A. Smith a shoutout, who later criticized Kanye West.

It would be fascinating to watch what Ye decides to do going forward after temporarily returning to Twitter. Ye may suddenly disappear from view once more, or we might witness a flood of social media messages.

Given all that has happened recently, Kyrie is likely trying to put Ye at a distance. This does no one any good at the moment and only fuels the flames of everything.

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