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Ice Spice Desires Contract With Nicki Minaj And Doja Cat

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Ice Spice Desires Contract With Nicki Minaj And Doja Cat

Ice Spice doesn’t have time to worry about unfavorable things. Ice Spice soon learned what it’s like to be the center of attention as a newbie. Unfortunately, this frequently entails having to endure severe criticism every day from millions of total strangers. Nevertheless, the singer of “Munch” has won over many admirers, including Erykah Badu and her child Puma Curry.

The mother-daughter team had the opportunity to speak with Ice Spice while asking questions for Interview magazine. “I don’t really listen to the sounds,” I try to concentrate on the good, she continued. I simply pray a lot and try to avoid the comments area as much as possible. There you go.

Spice also disclosed her ideal collaborations, and they are not a surprise. The New York rapper wants to record with Nicki Minaj or Doja Cat, and Badu and Curry have co-signed the idea. Spice also addressed reports that she underwent cosmetic surgery and regarding her hair.

“You’re absolutely correct; there is undoubtedly a beginning pack, and I see many girls doing it. I believe that not entirely applies to me. My hair is quite short and does not fall down my back. Despite the fact that some individuals attempt to claim otherwise, my entire physique is natural. My teeth are the only thing that are false, and I had to get them replaced. my nails, too. I’m getting some false nails.

The rapper also discussed her sources of inspiration.

Spice stated, “I look to my entire environment. “The people I love are posting myself around them. Of course, there are also the legends and icons, like your mother who is standing right here. My parents used to play Baduizm from beginning to end nonstop, thus you may say you inspired me. Additionally, Lil’ Kim, Nicki, Foxy, and Remy are all major influences for me.

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