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Chris Brown Clarifies “Robitussin” Ambiguity “Under The Influence”

by Oyekale Theophilus
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Chris Brown Clarifies “Robitussin” Ambiguity “Under The Influence”

Chris Brown Clarifies “Robitussin” Ambiguity “Under The Influence”. In respect to a second song lyric, Chris Brown clarifies a lyric that is being debated online. The enhanced version of Brown’s critically praised album Indigo was published in 2019. The alluring tune “Under The Influence” soon won many fans. Breezy published the song’s music video three weeks ago, which made many rethink the lyrics.

Brown equates becoming drunk to having a sexual encounter in the song. He said: “F*cking Robitussin / I don’t know why this stuff has me lazy right now, huh / Can’t do Percocets or Molly (Molly) / I’m turnin’ one, tryna live it up here right, right, right” after giving it much consideration.

The generally acknowledged line that included “Robitussin” was recently disputed by enthusiasts. Many individuals used the internet to refute the read bar’s claim that it reads, “F*ckin’, rubbin’, touchin.

Brown suddenly became a popular subject on social media, however this time it wasn’t something controversial. Fans expressed shock that the lyric was different from what they had assumed, but Brown quickly returned to set the record straight.

He said on his Instagram Story that “they have been playing with lyrics lately on various music outlets.” “Y’all have been having a difficult day with the influence… It’s called ROBITUSSIN. And it says: [laughter and sobbing emojis] YOUR BODY LIGHT WEIGHT SPEAKS TO ME.

The seasoned artist has seen yet another wave of success thanks to a sleeper hit. Brown’s reputation remains untarnished despite the scandals he has faced during his career. Usher and his contemporaries hail him as a “legend” who merits roses for his contribution to the music industry.

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