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Charles Barkley Addresses Michael Jordan’s Withdrawal

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Charles Barkley Addresses Michael Jordan’s Withdrawal

Charles Barkley Addresses Michael Jordan’s Withdrawal. Charles Barkley is a man who always says what he thinks.

He doesn’t care who he offends with his statements, but he does get in problems from time to time. Barkley, for example, no longer communicates with Michael Jordan. They were once best friends, but not anymore.

As Barkley explained in a recent podcast appearance with Tom Brady, the friendship ended because he offended Jordan. The TNT broadcaster said it all started when he criticized MJ’s moves as an NBA owner.

Additionally, Barkley admitted that both men are incredibly stubborn and that this was something that was bound to happen. He was Barkley’s best friend, yet they still haven’t reconciled. Overall, it is an unfortunate situation.

“Michael Jordan, losing his friendship was probably the most prominent thing that’s happened to me,” Barley said. “But I was being honest about what I thought. I said, ‘Listen, the toughest thing about Michael, he’s got to put better people around him.’ Because the toughest thing, when you’re famous, they’re on your private jet, you’re buying all the drinks, you’re buying all the dinners. Very few people are gonna be honest with you.

“And I try to surround myself with people like, hey, if I’m screwing up, please tell me. And Michael got offended about something I said about him. We haven’t spoken in probably almost 10 years. And he was my best friend at the time. And I love the dude like a brother and we’re both stubborn and we haven’t talked”

At this point, it seems unlikely that Jordan will reconcile with Barkley. Once you make Jordan mad, he stays mad at you for a very long time. It is unfortunate, but Barkley will just have to sit with that for now.

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