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Candace Owens Disavows Trump, Calls Him “Rude”

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Candace Owens Disavows Trump, Calls Him “Rude”

Candace Owens Disavows Trump, Calls Him “Rude”, Relationship between Candace Owens and Donald Trump, a longtime ally, is deteriorating. The two extreme right conservatives have found comfort in working together for years in order to combat Democrats and anything leftist. One of the most contentious political commentators in America, Owens just revealed that she had severed relations with the MAGA leader.

Owens discussed an allegedly uncomfortable interaction with Trump when she made an appearance on her Daily Wire segment. She explained, “I’m sharing this personal tale with you because I believe it is something that made me for the first time question him as a person.

This disagreement apparently started because of a Daily Beast piece. Candace Owens: Trump is Pro-Vax Because He’s “Too Old” to Understand the Internet” was the headline of a piece that was published by the site.

Owens stated on her program, “You have someone who has spent years defending you, and that person gave you a perfectly courteous and fair interview.” “You said something on your own that upset your base. And you somehow made that look like I done anything wrong. It’s not acceptable.

That is not leading, she continued. That is not taking responsibility for your mistakes. That’s not owning up to the fact that you misread something regarding your base. That is neither developing nor expanding. According to Owens, Trump has to comprehend why so many of his followers have turned against him.

According to Owens, it “would have led him to the realization that his base is not pro-COVID vaccination.” That’s how easy it is. That made sense to me. I could’ve informed him of that. I suddenly realize, though, that he’s not paying attention.

She insisted that she never said he was “too old,” but said that Trump took the rumor as gospel. When she and Trump next met, Owens alleged that the former leader “was genuinely hostile to me.”

Republicans have been furious since the midterm election results. Although a significant takeover was anticipated, things ultimately didn’t work in their favor. However, there are still rumors that Trump will run for president again in 2024.

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