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BBTitans Biggie pushes number to 24 as drama begins

by Oyekale Theophilus
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BBTitans Biggie pushes number to 24 as drama begins

BBTitans Biggie pushes number to 24 as drama begins, This is wonderful news for fans of the reality television program Big Brother because it debuted earlier this year. If events from the first week of the program are any indication, the intrigues, suspense, and substance are back on television this time, and the reality show, themed “The Titans,” is expected to captivate viewers for 72 days.

However, the reality program this year had a distinct framework and idea.

The first episode of Big Brother Titans included the introduction of the 20 housemates who will compete for the $100,000 grand prize. There are 10 Nigerians and 10 South Africans among the 20 housemates.

The roommates are here.

Yvonne (age 28): Yvonne is from the Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom but now lives in Lagos. She creates material and models. She asserts that she was created for a gentle existence and is accustomed to getting her way. But this pastor’s kid is also tough and brave.

Nelisa (25), a native of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, is a little bundle of explosive power. She is vivacious and spirited. She claims that she frequently bares her emotions.

Blaqboi (26), a resident of Jos, comes from Nigeria’s Plateau State. He produces stuff and wants to become a filmmaker. He prides himself on being collected, composed, and level-headed.

Mmeli (24), a South African from Johannesburg, He produces stuff and models. He describes himself as brave, street smart, and naughty. He enjoys going out and is committed to the bachelor life.

Nana (22): Nana is a native of the Nigerian state of Kaduna. She owns her own business. Nana is soft-spoken yet deviates from accepted social behavior. She seems cautious, but it might be be a case of stagnant waters rising to the surface.

Ipeleng (24) is a South African national. She is an aspiring lawyer. Ipeleng is bashful and has a terrific sense of humor. She cherishes her relationship with and respect for her parents.

Marvin (28) is a Nigerian native who currently resides in Texas. He works as a model and a chemical engineer. Marvin is a charming man from a lowly background. The experienced traveler is devoted to his loved ones. He describes himself as a cute lad with intellect and a good sense of humor.

Thabang (age 21) is a Soweto native who now resides in Johannesburg. He analyzes sports statistics. Thabang is a self-starter who plays by the rules. He prides himself on having a deep voice, being endearing, and being sensible.

26-year-old Jaypee is from Lagos, Nigeria. She is a model and nurse. Jaypee is an open-minded romantic who enjoys taking chances. Her flirtatious assurance and open mind are useful in this regard.

Yaya (30) resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, but is originally from the Eastern Cape. Plus-size model, she is. Yaya describes her as chatty and with a strong, independent attitude.

Ebubu (28) is a native of Nigeria’s Anambra State and currently resides in Lagos. He is a model and actor who has a vibrant personality and street smarts.

Originally from Imo State in Nigeria, Jenni O. (24) now resides in the United States. She is an expert in health and safety. Jenni O considers herself to be a feisty and impulsive speaker.

From East London, South Africa, is Justin (age 21). He identifies as a photographer and says he is laid back.

Kanaga Jnr (23) is a resident of Lagos but comes from the Nigerian state of Abia. He claims to be both a model and a future actor. He is a sensitive young man who loves older ladies and has a youthful appeal, but he is also mature for his age.

South African native Lukay (age 31) is from KwaZulu-Natal. He is an executive in sales. He defines himself as ruthlessly honest and self-aware. Lukay is a traditionalist who is also quite sympathetic.

Tsatsii (24), a South African from Pretoria. She studies microbiology, biotechnology, and engineering. Tsatsii is analytical, sensible, and genuinely inquisitive about everything.

From KwaZulu-Natal is Khosi (25). In South Africa’s Johannesburg, she resides. A journalist, she is. Khosi’s outspoken and open-minded nature fits her career as a journalist.

Yemi Cregx (30) lives in Lagos despite being from the Nigerian state of Ekiti. He is an actor and model. Yemi Cregx is extroverted and self-assured.

Juicy Jay (age 24) is a native of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. He plays rugby on a semi-pro level. He calls himself enthusiastic and charming.

Olivia (22) is a native of Nigeria’s Imo State. She wants to be an actor. Olivia is a beautiful girl with a hint of wildness.

A few days after the BBN reality program premiered, the housemates had already begun dishing out their fresh and raw stuff, therefore this year’s version is poised to greatly delight its fans.

Here are two noteworthy moments from the show’s first week.

Khosi and Yemi kiss each other: Khosi, a stunning South African, and Yemi Cregx, a dashing Nigerian model, set a record for becoming the first housemates to begin a relationship (Ship) in the home after only 24 hours.

15 housemates were suggested for eviction in the first week: 15 housemates of the current season of Big Brother Titans have already been put up for eviction in the first week of the program. According to Biggie, the first eviction will take place on January 22, 2023, on a Sunday.

Despite the fact that 15 housemates were nominated, certain housemates received more nominations than others.

Nana from Kaduna, Nigeria, is the nominee with the most nominations, eight. South African Justin is next with five nominations, followed by Khosi, Olivia, Yemi Craigx with four each, Tsatsii, JayPee, Lukay, and Jenni O with two each. A nomination was given to BlaqBoi, Yaya, Kanaga Jr, Marvin, and Nelisa.

However, six housemates—Ipeleng, Yvonne, Ebubu, Juicy Jay, Thabang, and Mmeli—were not named as potential evictees.

Biggie reveals four additional housemates.

During the first pool party of the season, four new housemates entered the building eager to join the fun. The elder housemates, who were first presented to fans on Sunday, welcomed their new roommates with open arms despite their surprise. They are Sandra, Blue Aiva, Theo Traw, Miracle OP, and

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