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BBNaija reality stars attack Nedu over calling female Housemates “Sluts”

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BBNaija reality stars attack Nedu over calling female Housemates “Sluts”

BBNaija reality stars attack Nedu over calling female Housemates “Sluts”. Last week was an intriguing time for social media users as they were given to a full dose of drama and friction between Nedu, a well-known on-air personality (OAP), and the former housemates of the Big Brother Naija reality series, which is popularly known by the hashtag Big Brother Naija.

The battle was initiated by Nedu, who has recently started speaking out on social media, after he made disparaging comments about the reality show’s contestants’ girlfriends.

Nedu asked: “Do you realize what Big Brother does for you?” on a podcast program. It lifts you out of the pit and propels you forward, but there is nothing to keep you there. The majority of them offer vagina. They go there on purpose to attract customers.

Nedu poured extra fuel to an already-burning fire as if that weren’t enough.

Nedu’s assessment on the show’s female participants dropped like a bomb, and in less than a minute, he began receiving the reactions he probably wasn’t expecting.

Reality stars from Big Brother Naija respond.

Doyin David, a reality TV celebrity who was a guest on the show, responded to Nedu’s comments by saying that having customers is okay since a client may go to their husband. The majority of the people on the podcast, she said, will be delighted to meet a man who will give them millions, mostly so they can sleep with him.

Who among you wouldn’t be thrilled to meet someone who would pay you millions to sleep with you, she said, “Customer dey turn spouse, una dey use short eye to look am oh.”

Angel Smith, one of the show’s frankest roommates, wrote Nedu a full page letter outlining her thoughts. She responded with no holds barred. There is nothing worse than the coochie controllers, the toto plaintiffs, the box control division, rest, to which Angel referred in a tweet after the OAP celebrity insulted women on the Big Brother reality program. Yuck. You people will come online and say, “Nawa o, so she fvcks for money, and she oppresses us; don’t trust anything on social media.” No one is oppressed you, my darling; you’re just a jealous rat, which is why this issue irritates me so much. Angel began.

I don’t see why you’re outraged over a mature woman’s vagina, but guys are really envious of women. That is why blogs thrive on discrediting the big brother contestants, who are among the hardest workers I’ve ever met, especially those you guys slutshame a lot, shut up losers. Angel yelled.

Angel continued by telling Nedu that some past female roommates went on to become famous businesswomen and actors.

“This is all so dated and monotonous; I don’t see why males can’t take care of themselves.” Because you guys are so sexist and ignorant, you say things that are false despite the fact that many Big Brother alumni have gone on to become actors, launch successful businesses, and truly have a strong brand. The cycle of humiliating women won’t end because some women have internalized sexism and participate in it. said Angel.

Kess: Kesiena Adjekpovu, commonly known as Kess, a former housemate from BBNaija season 7, posted a response to the situation on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

He thought it was offensive for the OAP to refer to his female housemates as sluts and unfair to disparage their efforts as “legit hustlers,” as it was.

“It’s offensive to refer the female Big Brother housemates as whores in this manner. The majority of them (95%) are genuine hustlers who are also extremely educated, independent enough, and gifted. It is unjust to discount their efforts. Tweeted Kess

Deji Morafa: Deji Morafa, another former reality-show housemate, made fun of Nedu by claiming that the reason the program’s presenter keeps criticizing BBNaija females is because he repeatedly tried to be on the show but was turned down.

Nedu must have submitted many applications to Big Brother Naija and been turned down. Twittered Deji.

Khloe: Khloe, a different housemate, didn’t sound polite in her own reaction. Khloe called Nedu stupid, juvenile, and worthless while reminding him that it was nobody’s responsibility that his wife gave birth to a basta*rd child.

The BBN star believes that many people choose to go online to promote false allegations rather to observe how hard these women work. She also said that it is nobody’s business what a woman chooses to do to make ends meet.

Khloe continued by responding to Nedu’s earlier allegations that he had seen two female celebrities having an affair with one of his pals. She said that Nedu had made up the tale on the spot and could only mislead idiots. Khloe advised Nedu to move on from his sadness and stop bothering ladies because they did not ask him to wed a cheating wife.

“It’s not our fault that his wife beat him up. I don’t blame the wife for wanting a child because of a chatty, bumbling, and infantile man. Nowadays, every good-looking lady is peddling p***y. said Khloe.

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