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Ashanti Laughs Off Involvement In Bet ‘Murder Inc.’ Docuseries

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Ashanti Laughs Off Involvement In Bet ‘Murder Inc.’ Docuseries

Ashanti Laughs Off Involvement In Bet ‘Murder Inc.’ Docuseries. Murder Inc. will be remembered for all the things it did for hip-hop in the late 1990s and early 2000s. An upcoming BET docuseries will tell their story, but not everyone seems to be on board.

A TMZ reporter contacted former Murder Inc. performer Ashanti on July 13 in New York City and inquired about her participation in the show.

Ashanti Laughs Off Involvement In Bet ‘Murder Inc.’ Docuseries. The woman started the conversation by inquiring of the “Foolish” singer what the most difficult song was for her to re-record as she was redoing her self-titled first album. Since she has been performing these songs for twenty years, Ashanti claimed that there was no issue.

Ashanti said “No” to the reporter’s question about whether viewers would see her in the Murder Inc. documentary before her mother started laughing. A member of her staff said to the reporter, “You knew the answer to that question,” and the New York native joined in the laughs.

The Murder Inc. family has been experiencing problems lately. Irv Gotti, the founder of the label, discussed his problems with Ashanti in 2013 with The Breakfast Club. Gotti claimed that he and the members of Murder Inc. were related, and he didn’t like the singer’s lack of support for him during his federal court battle.

He said, “What occurred when I hit hard times, some individuals bailed.” “She left. She didn’t want to participate in murder Inc.

When Ashanti disclosed last year that she was redoing her first album for its twentieth anniversary, things became much more intriguing. Irv Gotti wasn’t pleased when she told Angie Martinez that she would own her masters after the re-recording was finished. On Instagram, he responded and accused the musician of attempting to steal from him.

I also hold a big chunk of the publishing because I produced all those fantastic Ashanti albums, he claimed. “She is attempting to re-record all of those fantastic records. and released them under her label. The COVER laws permit her to do this. But in reality, she’s just attempting to screw me out of my master’s. and force listeners to choose which record to stream or listen to.

But, hey, he continued. I am supported by the magic that was produced. And I’d like to see her repeat that magic. It’s really messed up. However, such is life.

The Murder Inc. docuseries, which was announced earlier this year, recounts “the true tale of the ascent, unexpected fall, and redemption” of the Irv Gotti-founded record label. On BET, the five-part series debuts on August 9.

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